Grantee FAQs

We know you have questions about your charitable giving options. We’ve provided answers to our most frequently asked questions along with Eau Claire Community Foundation staff contact information for further inquiries.

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Q. What organizations are eligible to receive a grant?
A. ECCF disburses grants to organizations which have 501(c)(3) public charity status or are tax-exempt governmental agencies.

Q. What grants are available to apply for?
A. There are two main grant cycles which ECCF offers. The first is our annual grant cycle, which is open for Eau Claire area applications from November to the beginning of February. Grant applications can be for either programs or asset improvements/purchases. This grant cycle is intended for a broad spectrum of eligible organizations to apply to.

The second is for The Women’s Giving Circle, a fund of the Eau Claire Community Foundation. This grant cycle is open for applications between April and July annually. These grants are tightly focused on funding programs which benefit women and children in the Eau Claire community. For more information about the Women’s Giving Circle, click here.

Q. How do we submit an ECCF Grant Application?
A. All ECCF grant applications must be submitted online. If you are unable to use our online application system, please contact the Foundation.

Q. Can I submit more than one application in a year to the ECCF Grant Cycle?
A. Yes. ECCF allows organizations to submit one program grant and one asset improvement/purchase grant application annually. Please contact us if you have further questions about this.

Q. Do I need to submit legal and financial documents as part of my application?
A. Yes. Each of our application forms lists the specific supporting documentation which will be needed. ECCF requires this both to ensure legal due diligence and also to gain a greater understanding of your organization.

Q. Do you share our grant application with ECCF donors and other funders?
A. Yes. Our Donor Advisors work with our Grants Committee to fund your grant. Additionally, after the grant application cycle is complete, ECCF continues to share your application with interested donors throughout the year. Oftentimes, donors decide to fund applications that weren’t funded in the initial grant cycle.

Q. Can I contact your donors and fund holders directly?
A. No. ECCF strives to respect donor privacy and anonymity; as such, we do not give donor contact information out. However, we are willing to arrange meetings between donors and representatives from non-profit organizations. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Q. How will I know that you have received my grant application?
A. The Grants and Public Relations Specialist at the Foundation will contact you once we have received your application. At that time, additional information may be requested from you to meet the administrative requirements of the grants process.

Q. How will I know if my grant application was approved and I am receiving a grant?
A. You will be contacted once the Grants Committee has made all necessary granting decisions and allocations. You will receive both a grant announcement letter and a grant acceptance agreement which will give you all necessary information on your grant award.

We also will send you an invitation to our Annual Meeting in June. This is where we present the grant awards, giving donors and non-profits a unique networking opportunity.

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