Grant Reporting

Grant Reporting and Publicity Guidelines for ECCF Grant Recipients

The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic received an ECCF grant to support its Oral Health program.

Congratulations on receiving a grant through the Eau Claire Community Foundation! We’re happy to play a role in supporting your organization and all the great work that you do.

Please be aware that many ECCF grants require organizations to submit a report detailing how the money was spent. These are due by the end of the grant period (generally one year from the grant award date), and they are necessary to keep the organization in good standing for receiving future ECCF grants.

If you received a Program Grant, you’ll need a Program Grant Report Form; if you received an Asset Grant, you’ll need an Asset Grant Report Form. If you received multiple grants, you’ll need to complete a form for each. Links to both forms are at the bottom of this page.

Some grants may not require grant reports, especially those that weren’t received through the competitive grant process. Please consult your Grant Acceptance Agreement if you’re not sure about your specific requirements.

However, even if you’re not required to submit a grant report, the ECCF would appreciate any photos and other documentation you could share with us for use on our website and/or in our newsletters. That way, we can publicize your organization’s work and possibly attract new donors for you.

All grant recipients are strongly encouraged to submit thank you letters; showing donors the impact that their money is making and expressing appreciation for their gift may well encourage them to make more gifts in the future. Thank you letters should be sent to the ECCF, which will forward them to the donors.

Finally, the ECCF requires acknowledgement when you create publicity materials related to your grant-funded program or asset. Please see the Grantee Publicity Guidelines document below for more information.


Please note that completed Grant Reports can't be printed directly from the site at this time. If you need a copy for your records, please contact the Program Specialist at the address below to request a copy after you submit it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ECCF Program Specialist.

Program Grant Report Form   Asset Grant Report Form

Grantee Publicity Guidelines



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